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Guide to Making AI Videos with Millions of Views for Beginners – International Version

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  • Equipped with foundational knowledge to increase your chances of success, save time and effort, and money, you will also:
  • Know how to create engaging and unique content.
  • Know how to build an online channel with millions of followers and views.
  • Be confident in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in video production.
  • Develop a multi-channel system and earn money through various business opportunities."
  • Access a comprehensive resource website equipped with all the necessary tools for you to excel as a Content Creator, valued at $9600. This platform is not just a collection of resources but a gateway to enhance your creative potential and understand the dynamics of content creation.
  • **Bonus:**
  • As part of this exclusive package, you'll receive additional resources to further boost your content creation journey. These include:
  • 1. Basic documents and a Mindmap for Building Channels, a crucial foundation valued at $5900.
  • 2. A collection of 46 Topics and Video Content for Building a Viral Channel, designed to skyrocket your reach and engagement, valued at $200.
  • 3. A SET OF 416 "CLICKBAIT" FORMULAS FOR WRITING CONTENT TITLES, ensuring your content captures attention, valued at $299.
  • 4. An insightful List of TOP 50 AI - BY MONTHLY VISITS - Specialties, guiding you on where to focus your efforts, valued at $99.
  • 5. A curated List of potential AI-built channels and topics, setting you ahead in the AI integration trend, valued at $59.
  • In addition, you will gain access to a community group for sharing tips and tricks on AI utilization, resources for learning AI from basic to advanced with certification, a Self-Assessment of Personal Competence Template, a Competitor Video and Viral Video Analysis Template, and the latest insights into the TikTok Algorithm. Embrace this comprehensive package to elevate your content creation to new heights and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape."

Nội dung khóa học

The latest content updated in the course.
Here are the latest updates included in the course along with their locations and update times for your convenience. Stay informed and happy learning!

  • Latest update as of January 2nd, 2024 – Tip for Doubling Free Credit Usage for Heygen.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Make a Million-View Video

I. Overview of the Course!
Purpose and How to Study the Course Effectively

II. Foundational Thinking – Channel Building Roadmap

III. Practice Making Million-View Videos

IV. Mastering AI – AI Learning Resources

V. Tips for Using Free AI Tools to Save Thousands of Dollars

VI. The process of making AI videos – How to use AI tools

VII. 05 Steps to create AI video from A to Z – English video template on the topic of fruits.

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